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This journey all began after I had arrived from my second trip to Colombia since I had left the country in July 2000 during the height of the drug war. The previous and first time I had being away for 17 years and everything had changed. Seeing the place I had grown up until age 11 evolved into an incredible country was breath taking. This first trip definitely inspired me to pursue more of my Latin roots and export what I had learn and seen to my friends in Canada.

When I came back from my second trip, I was approached by the Latin American Students Association asking for ideas for a party they were planning. They had heard and attended parties I had held in my home's basement and thought of me as a party guru. I immediately agreed to help as I had so much Colombian influence and ideas that I wanted to share with them. We quickly establish the name of what would become a series of Latin university parties, and so "Fiesta Loca"  was born. We contacted DJ Scott Turner who we have seen at his PASSA PASSA events and thought that it was the perfect fit to what would make Fiesta Loca a success! I ended up creating a Spotify playlist until DJ Scott Turner was to go on. This ended up being a massive hit and DJ Scott Turner told me that I should open up next time we did the event again, I said I didn’t know how to dj but he insisted that I should try. 

I decided to take the chance and bought a Pionner DDJ-SB2 board that was enough for me to start learning. I also watched some videos that trained you on the basics and got me started on creating my first mix. Two weeks after getting the board, DJ Scott Turner asked if I would like to perform at a Cinco de Mayo event with DJ Emilio del Canto and DJ Heywood. I asked my good dj friend Lisa Hall if I should try, and she said I should go for it. I ended up practicing and practicing to make sure that I would not screw up in front of a live audience and that night I was to perform from 10-11 the opener set. I was definitely super tense at the beginning as I could not hear well how the music was sounding through the bar’s speakers and I was afraid of screwing up and sounding awful. Thankfully my friends arrived and made my first set and complete success with a lot of other people joining in to my Latin tunes! 

Currently I’ve being performing at DJ Scott Turner and DJ Heywood’s PASSA PASSA events as a guest Latin DJ. 

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I'm currently working on:

-Latin Night event featuring different types of Latin sounds and foods. 

-An Electronic Latin Night at the Louis' University Pub with DJ Cristian Torres and DJ Emilio del Canto. 

-A Brazilian Carnival style party at the Louis' University Pub with the cooperation of the Latin American Students Association, the Brazilian Students Association, Premier Staffing Agency and Que Chimba! Productions

Apart from this, I will be pursuing a music production course that will be put out next year by my DJ friends Monkey Twerk and work on my Latin Fusion podcast!

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